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James Watts

James Watts
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Thoughts and ramblings from a modern anticonventionalist, renegading against the status quo.

thoughts on cakephp

With CakeFest upon us for another year I've been thinking about the framework and my involvement with the project. Unfortunately I couldn't attend this year, as it coincides with other plans, but after helping organize the annual conference over the course of 4 years I'd say I've had my fair share. There are also some genuinely amazing people involved and helping make it all come together, not forgetting about the incredible Open Source community surrounding it.


welcome home

Last year was an interesting one. It saw me take leave as the director of CakeDC, the commercial entity behind CakePHP, after three long, enjoyable and somewhat exhausting years at the helm. I then took a timeout with my family, but quickly got pulled into other projects, namely at Next Chance building startups. And now the time has come to leave that too.